Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You know you're addicted to the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game when...

So if you are a Kardashian fan like myself (...yes, it is true) there's no doubt you have begun playing Kim's new iPhone game and possibly be contributing to the hundreds of millions of dollars the new mum will be making from it. So if you can relate to the list below, you are under the KK spell...

1. You play constantly. At work, at school, you are always playing.

2. You spend your real hard-earned money on buying fake money, or K coins or energy.

3. The moment you discovered you needed to have an internet connection to play was heartbreaking.

4. You get annoyed when you're not dressed well enough and you don't get that bonus star at a photo shoot or on a date.

5. You wish life was as easy as it is in the game.

6. You spend $650 on a vintage wine at Oak in Soho when on a date because you know it will give you a lot of love hearts.

7. You connected the game to Facebook and Game Centre so you can play with your friends and earn more stars.

8. You kinda freaked out when the game was unavailable that one time. But getting free K coins from Kim was so worth it.

9. You don't really care how many millions Kim's making from it, just as long as the game stays available.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and think I sound a bit kray kray*, then trust me, you're one of the lucky ones. Bible!**

I wonder what will be next for Kim and her Klan? Maybe a Kendall Jenner game where you rise to the top of the high fashion world? A dating game for Khloe and Kris? A home design game for Kourtney? The opportunities are endless.

Natasha xxx
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* Kardashian for 'crazy'.
** Kardashian for 'I swear'.

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