Thursday, March 14, 2013

New online shopping find: Misguided Fashion

I have just recently come across an online store that I had never heard of before. Please let me know if I have been blissfully unaware of Misguided, whilst everyone else has been buying online!
But if I have been, I will still continue, because the clothing and accessories look prettttty good. It reminds me of Forever 21 (way over priced international shipping rates), which I have been missing since my trip to Hawaii late 2012.
I haven't ordered anything from Misguided.... yet! I am posting about it now because until the 17th of March they have free shipping to Aus and New Zealand. So you save $10 to $16 which you can keep in your pocket, or put towards more orders. Yay.

There are soooo many pieces of clothing, I mean, 944 tops... just tops! Also, it's all pretty affordable. Some of my favourite picks are;

Rosie Wet Look Monochrome Skater Skirt
I Love this monochrome skater skirt. Dress it up, or dress it down.

Esmera Zig Zag High neck Bodycon Dress
Again, monochrome. Love this length, and that it can be more formal with a black blazer, or worn out with killer heels and a bold lip. 

Mitranda Cut Out Scuba Dress In Khaki
Combining the khaki/army trend with leather embellishment. Love this.

Allyson Geek Tee In White
I saw a really similar version of these tops at Top Shop. From Misguided you can get it in White or Black, or in a sweater style. Super cute!

Let me know if you have ever bought from, and how your experience was!


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  1. I am the same as you and I haven't bought anything yet. I made an account with them, and it sent me an email saying it hasn't passed a fraud test. so I researched ppls reviews, all really bad reviews btw and I don't know what the go is but theres the uk missguided and the normal and now this one I don't think ill risk my money now haha