Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Brand New Real Techniques Brushes

YAY! My Real Techniques brushes arrived the other day, 8 days after ordering them from iHerb. Which is a pretty fast delivery time, since they came from Canada, through the US. Although they probably would have come quicker had I not ordered on a weekend, and if they had not arrived in Sydney the day before a four day long weekend!

Each set was $17.99 each, plus I got $5 off, and shipping was $12. It came to a total of $42.98. Cheaper than the Core Collection at Priceline, and only $3 more than the Eyes starter set! Worth it? Yes!

So if you want to purchase them from iHerb.com, you can use the code RJL705 and receive $10 off your order if it's over $40, or $5 off it's under $40.

I have seen so many YouTube videos on these brushes so I just needed to buy some for myself. 
Who else uses Real Techniques brushes? What's your view?


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