Saturday, August 17, 2013

Healthy Holiday Tips

In a few months time I will be off to the USA and will be without a gym for three weeks, and I'm already thinking about how I will be able to work in a bit go exercise whilst I'm over there. Another problem is that America isn't known for having the healthiest food in the world, quite the opposite actually, so avoiding all of that is a priority too. It is going to be Winter time when I'm there, which makes it a bit harder. So here are some tips for myself, and for everyone else, on how to not fall completely out of your healthy lifestyle when on holiday.

1. Do as much walking as possible
Walking tours, walk to short destinations, take the stairs instead of the hotel or shopping centre lifts, do as much walking as possible. Bonus: you will save money on public transport!

2. Utilise the hotel gym
You may not want to carry a pair of joggers on holiday, but chances are you will have a pair of closed in walking shoes that you will be able to use. I know I will be buying new nikes whilst in America, so I'll be using them. Don't spend your whole holiday in the gym, but if you're an early riser or late sleeper, this could be a good option for you.

3. Cycle your way around
So many major cities have free or really cheap bikes to hire that you can take around the city. It's a fun, affordable and active way to see the city, and is quicker than walking if you are short on time.

4. Water sports
Surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming, kayaking... whatever is available to you! It won't be super hot in Hawaii, but I know I will be doing some of these!

5. Stock up on healthy snacks for the hotel room
Not only is the minibar way over priced, $5 for a bottle of water? The majority of it is very unhealthy. Stock up on healthier snacks such as nuts and fruits, and buy your own bottled water. You can even ask the hotel to empty the minibar before you arrive, so there is no temptation at all.

6. Carry water with you
Carry a bottle of water with you so you can keep hydrated during the day, and it can stop you from thinking you're hungry and stopping for unhealthy snacks.

7. Order smart
Try and stick to healthy meals at restaurants, you know what to do!

What are your tips on staying healthy during a holiday? It's a lot easier when it's a Summer vacation, just be careful with those cocktails!

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