Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Market Mayhem

With an American holiday looming and wardrobes over flowing with clothes we couldn't stand to look at anymore, my friends and I'd decided to rent a stall at Glebe Markets last Saturday. Extra cash and a cleared out wardrobe ready for new purchases? Yes please! It was our first time holding a stall, so we didn't really know what to expect, so below are some tips in case you're in the same position. 

Market tips

- Don't display individual prices because people will ask anyway. Have an idea of the lowest price you would sell your items for.

- In saying that, if you're selling items for really cheap (i.e. $1 or $2), make signs and make sure they are noticeable to market goers walking by.

- Prepare to bargain (obvious, but necessary) and don't be shy about it.

- People love to rummage! Put a whole heap of skirts, tops and shorts into an old suitcase (you can sell it later) or box and it will attract shoppers.

- One girl's trash is another girl's treasure. Even if you think an item would never sell, take it anyway and put it in the rummage pile- chances are it will be sold.

- Bring water, a hat and sunscreen; they will save you from sun burn, sunstroke and dehydration. You will most likely be too busy to visit a food stall, so bring healthy snacks to keep you going. 

- If there's more than two of you selling clothes in the same stall, the money part can get confusing. Put one person in charge of all transactions and try to separate your money. Also keep track of how much each person is making, so you can compare that sum with the amount of cash each person ends up with at the days end. 

- Bring change - coins and small notes. 

- Bring a decent sized mirror for your customers.

- Be ready for wet weather. Buy a tent that will fit your stall and have it as backup (make sure you can return it if you don't use it). 

- If someone wants to go to the bathroom to try something on, ask for their licence to hold, which will be returned when they return with your clothes.

- Most of your customers will be market regulars, so just go with the(ir) flow.

- Have fun! 

    Our market stall

What are your market tips?

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