Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BIRKENSTOCKS: Stylish or daggy?

Birkenstocks. The 'crocs' of sandal world? I hesitated writing this post as I was sure that as soon as I admitted how I felt about the birkenstock, I'd see a pair with an outfit I really like and end up buying them. But no, that won't happen (I hope not anyway). I get that relaxed, male-style dressing is popular and looks great, but the daggy-dad shoe? Fashionista's including the Olsen Twins and Alexa Chung have been seen wearing them, and so many international and Australian bloggers are loving the trend. There's just so many other shoes I'd prefer over the birkenstocks. Although the street style pics below are making me like them a tad bit more.

What are your thoughts on birkenstocks? 

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