Monday, April 28, 2014

The Wardrobe Essentials Style Challenge

As a long time reader of blogs and fashion mags, I am always coming across articles about your 'wardrobe essentials'; what pieces every woman needs in her closet and how they will never go out of style. Each author promises us fashion-fiends how to achieve the perfect style without spending our hard earned cash on passing trends. I'm not being cynical about these articles, trust me, I find them useful and have even contemplated writing a similar article myself, but I want to see if trying to work these essentials into my daily outfits really does make me dress more stylish and timeless and spend less cash.

From lots of reading of articles I have decided that the essentials are a:
  1. Black blazer
  2. Biker style (faux) leather jacket
  3. Black pencil skirt
  4. Striped tee
  5. Trench coat
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. White collared shirt
  8. Plain white tee
  9. Black pants
  10. Basic black heels
The Rules:
I have to incorporate at least one of the essentials into my outfits at least 4/7 days of the week. Thats enough, right?

The Results:
The point of the challenge is to see if working these essential items into my wardrobe more often means I spend less on passing trends and dress more stylish and timeless.
I already have the blazer, pencil skirt, striped tee, trench, LBD and black heels, which means I need to go hopping for the biker, white collared shirt (I have already been looking everywhere for the perfect one!), white tee (I have, but need a new one) and black pants.

Good luck to me!

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p.s. Join in on the challenge!
p.p.s I may add to the list e.g. white/black converse, plain black tee

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