Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lust have it! February Box

I realise that this post is a bit late, but if February wasn't such a ridiculously short month, then it would be right on time!
So Lust have it! have not failed this feb, the box is full of great products which I will definitely get use out of. The only semi-negative thing was that we didn't receive one of the collectible boxes this month, because all of the products wouldn't fit, and one of the products wasn't included because of size again. But the quality of the products definitely makes up for it.

First is the full size Summer Tan lotion. Now I haven't used it yet because I still have Le Tan spray tan on me, but I will be as soon as it's fully scrubbed off. Look how dark Summer Tan is!!! And it's a dark brown, not an orange... Tick! I will post a before and after of Summer Tan when I begin using it.

So Second is the Styli-Style L3 Timeless Lipstick, and mine is in the colour Heavenly. I LOVE this colour. I'm going to describe it as a peachy pink with a golden shimmer throughout. As you can see in the second photo below, the lipstick isn't highly pigmented, but it is a strong veil of colour, and the golden highlights shine through! It is really moisturising too! It feels like I am just wearing a lip balm.

So a few people out there might not agree with me, but I think this colour is great! There is no better time to wear it than now, when camouflage prints and colours are right on trend. I definitely recommend using a base coat (I use OPI Nail Envy) before applying the lacquer, because you don't want the dark colour to stain your nails.

Ok, so I LOVE anything to do with moisturising skin and mining youthfulness. A lot of people focus on the face, but we can't ignore the hands, neck and chest. Love these.

Thank you for reading lovelies. 

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