Saturday, May 18, 2013

BB to CC- and no, they are not bra sizes.

They are creams! We all know about last years new best talent the BB cream, but it's now the next in line CC cream that is taking the limelight. So if you want to know what it is and what brands are producing them, read on, por favor.

CC stands for Colour Corrector, and they are supposed to do what their name suggests; correct any redness, pigmentation and dullness. Perfect if you have any of those skin issues. They are also supposed to have a more makeup like coverage, but lighter consistency.

L'oreal has released one and it is $27 Aussie dollars and it can be purchased from Priceline. There are a few others on the market too, just a simple search of CC cream will do it! But of course, like the BB cream trend, we can expect a lot more popping up from everyone.

Oh, and keep an eye out for DD creams too. This is not a joke.

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