Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now Trending: Puffer Jackets?

Yes, puffer jackets. Take a look around in shops like Zara, Witchery, Seed, and also shops like Temt and Paper Scissors. PUFFERS, PUFFERS EVERYWHERE.
I only really became aware of it whilst looking for a really, really, reallyyy warm jacket to where in New York City in the coming February. I want to look good. I mean, it's NYC. But I get so cold so easily that it pains me! On advice from a friend, a puffer jacket would keep me warm blooded. Surprisingly, a puffer jacket can look quite good...

Left to Right: Seed, Witchery, Witchery.

Puffer Jackets, not just for George Costanza anymore.

Natasha Price
T: @natashaprice
I: @natashavictoria

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