Monday, May 20, 2013

We all know a girl like Selena Gomez...

Breaks up with her boyfriend, publicly brags about it or dishes dirt on him (thanking social media for that one...), then a few weeks later they are back together and the man can do no wrong. You're thinking of someone, aren't you?

Two months later...

I love Taylor Swift's reaction to the awkward kiss.

But back to reality.. I mean not everyone can bag their exes on international television or go on dates in Las Vegas.

Social media makes it so, so easy to post a hateful status or upload a pic with a few nasty hashtags. But try not to! Take that time and energy and put it into something else. Maybe a new dress or lippy? Because you don't want to be that girl...


p.s. But if you do want to be that girl.. well, you go girl.

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