Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Yorkers

Before travelling to New York City, I was under the impression that the people there were rude, unfriendly, fast-paced and had no time for tourists like myself. With first hand experience of the city, I can tell you now, that is so not the truth. If we were standing in a street looking up, around and down at our map, i.e the telltale signs our a tourist, New Yorkers would come right up and offer their assistance. Trying to find the downtown subway stop instead of the uptown? They'd tell you where it is and how to get there, without making you feel like a dumby. Even so, in our defence, the uptown stop isn't always directly across from the downtown one. If we wanted a group shot, it was mainly other tourists taking the photo for us, but New Yorkers would offer too. 

On the other hand, I had a totally different experience with non-commision earning shop assistants. I can't tell you how many times I left certain chain stores unhappy and majorly p*##%d off because of how rude they are. Come on people, you are working in NEW YORK CITY. Embrace it.

Moral of this blog post, if you're travelling to he Big Apple, keep an open mind about New York locals, most of them are friendlier than you think, and are apart of what makes the city, The City. 

Some more of my piccies from the beautiful city...

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