Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lust Have It! January Box

So a couple of weeks ago I registered to receive a beauty box every month filled with random beauty and hair products, from the website I was so excited when I found it whilst doing who-knows-what on the internet, because I had no idea that we had this service in Australia! And the best thing about it is that it is only $15 per month, and you do not have to be locked into a yearly contract!

If you haven't heard of these beauty boxes, what happens is that you pay a certain amount, and you receive a beautiful box filled with all different sorts of cosmetics all together valued at over whatever yo. With Lust Have It, you also receive points from ordering the monthly boxes, which you can spend on buying different (or more) products from their website! Lust have it had a few different types of boxes, but I really liked what was in the previous month's boxes, so I signed up for this one.

So this is just a little review of the January Box.

I LOVE the packaging. I will definitely be reusing these boxes, maybe stacking them all up.

Nude by Nature BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream
When I swatched this I thought it was going to give a good coverage because it felt quite creamy, however on my face it was just like any other BB cream. It smells really natural and will be good to give some moisture and colour to my skin.

Face of Australia Bronzing Loose Powder
A nice medium coloured bronzing powder with a lot of shimmer. So I would use this on my check bones, and maybe on my chest, but not for contouring.

Lust have it! Kabuki Brush
So at first I thought it would be good to apply powder to the face, but today I used it to apply my foundation and it gave a really nice finish! Very happy with this brush.

GKMBJ Lactic hydrating shampoo and fortifying honey creme
These hair products are from a new range and are apparently tested and proven by qualified hairdressers, using high quality ingredients. I will definitely test them out once I am done with my current hair care routine. The smell is ok.

Amuse Nail Lacquer
I am not a very big lover of blue nail polish, so I won't be using this one. It is much more of a lighter, neon blue in person. I do like that the colour is very pigmented so you don't need multiply coats.

I definitely will be substring to February's Lust have it! box. Mainly because I just love not knowing what you're going to get (it's like having a birthday every month!), and I think that it is worth the $15!

Natasha xx

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