Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Beauty of Baby Oil!

Never thought that you'd be using baby oil in between being an actual baby and having one of your own? Think again!

I use baby oil mainly for three things.
1. Removing makeup! Perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup, without irritation (although every one is different so I can't guarantee it won't irritate)

2. Adding into into my home made body scrub. It leaves the skin so smooth.

3. Applying it to my legs after I shave... No red bumps! Ever since I started shaving my kegs in high school, I get little red bumps all over the sides of my legs, it didn't matter what razor I used or what type of shaving cream. Now I rub baby oil all over my legs after shaving and my legs are fine! Silky smooth and no bumps (it also doesn't sting when it goes on, like moisturisers do).

I bought my Johnsons and Johnsons oil from The Reject Shop for $3! And you get a lot in it.
A very affordable product to add to your beauty regime.

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